August 19, 2021

It was around August 8th, Sunday, that my severe seasonal allergies started. It started when the back of my ears became very itchy a week before and then that Sunday I was starting to get red patches and very itchy rashes on my face. I couldn’t help but scratch my face until it turned very red and scaly. I took the anti histamine my Allergy Specialist gave me but it didn’t work. I couldn’t sleep and was very uncomfortable plus I needed to attend my baby’s needs even if it was too hard for me to move around. I just couldn’t help but cry while taking care of my baby. I got dizzy every time I turned myself on my side which I have to because I’m still breastfeeding my baby especially at night. This continued until small red pimple-like bumps were starting to pop out all over my body. I tried to put ice on my face and some parts of my body but it just worked for a while. Then my products got delivered on August 11th and was finally able to drink Sante Barley juice. By the way, I ran out of products a week before and had to wait for that week’s shipment from the Philippines. I put 2 scoops in a glass of cold water and took Daily C. After few minutes of drinking it, I felt a little better. It was a relief because my dizziness was gradually fading. Then that night after I put my baby to sleep I finally was able to use ces’t bon when I took a shower and also drank another glass of barley juice. It helped to relieve the itchiness on my face and body. I continue to drink the barley juice 3 times a day, take 2 capsules of Daily and use ces’t bon up to date. These products helped a lot in my allergies struggles. I couldn’t thank our company enough that created this very effective products to help a lot of people suffering from different diseases. I am feeling so much better now and no more itching. I also went back to my doctor on August 16th and he told me that I got folliculitis. It’s an infection in the skin due to my scratching too much, bacteria went in to my body and caused the pimple-like bumps. He prescribed a 10-day antibiotics and some cream for the bumps.

I will still be continuing to drink Sante Barley Juice , take Daily C and use ces’t bon even if I am feeling better now. It’s better to still continue to cleanse and detox our body every day and boost our immune system to fight off any bacteria or viruses especially this pandemic era.

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