Have you ever wondered where your life would be after 10 years?

Richelle Rivera- Stedman

Hi! My name is Richelle Rivera Stedman. I was born in Manila, Philippines and never ever dreamed that I’d be living now in Arizona, USA. It wasn’t an easy journey to travel to an unknown place with different culture and tradition and start your own family but I chose to despite of the sacrifices and trials along the way.  Here’s my story for you to know me more.


Ever since our father abandoned us when we were young I really wanted to experience a better life or even just a normal life. My mother did everything she could to be able to support us in all our needs and she did it! I helped her out in paying my tuition fee in a semi-private school through scholarship offered to me by staying at the top of my class. All I wanted during those times was to help my mother and not be a burdened to her. I made her proud of me every time I come up on the stage and received my medals. Though there were times she couldn’t attend my Recognition Days because she was too busy doing side hustles after her long hours of work to make our ends meet. I was sad and envious of my other classmates but still it made my mother happy.

My mother had a very tough journey after being cheated on and struggled to survive and give us a better future. But everything she wanted to provide us changed when my other siblings made decisions that were beyond my mother’s expectations. She was devastated and was in pain. It was painful for me to see her what she was going through so I studied harder. I promised myself that I’d work harder to provide for our family.

When I graduated high school, our principal who’s a priest, provided me an opportunity to take an entrance exam in a catechetical center. I didn’t really actually know what course I’d get when I passed. I just knew I’d get scholarship and allowance so my mother and sister won’t need to worry about my college education. It was a very practical decision to help my family. I passed the test and I got in. I never thought studying there was a calling for me to be a Religion Teacher. It wasn’t just studying academics but it was a holistic formation that I experienced throughout the three year course. God indeed really moves in mysterious ways. He called me to be one of Jesus’ disciples and apostles. I kept asking myself, why me? I am broken and sinner. How could I be? But with the three years formation I got to know Jesus so I got to know myself well and accepted my brokenness to become whole again. It’s indeed that when you know Jesus, you’d be able to know yourself more.

Being a Religion Teacher is gift and a challenge. A gift to share with others and a challenge to be like Jesus, to talk, act and love like Jesus. I worked as a Religion Teacher for two years in my alma mater in Bulacan to serve but wasn’t able to help my mom well since it wasn’t that much of a salary I earned back then. After two years, I moved back to Manila and worked there in a catholic school. My salary was doubled and so was my responsibility since I was living with my siblings and they didn’t have work those times.

My journey wasn’t as good as my other friends but we were able to get by and I was able to feed my family with the side hustles I did. Then I continued studying while teaching. I pursued my masters degree through scholarship in one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines. I really thank God for all those opportunities He had given me. But then it was really hard to earn that much to fulfill my dreams for my family to have our own place we can call home. We were just living at a small room where everything was within reach. It was then I realized I had to do something. I tried to search for more side hustles aside from tutoring.

My Turning Point

When everything was getting harder for me to provide for my family, I found a way out of it. To be an ENTREPRENEUR. I saw an opportunity and invested in it but it wasn’t that easy. I had to work for 8 hours and attend long trainings after. It was exhausting but worth it! I gained knowledge that was never taught in school. It was a mind blowing experience and lots of possibilities. I didn’t earn in my first company because it was hard for me to market the products and were so expensive. Then I tried again! The second time around, I got into a great company where you can find very effective and affordable products!

My Road to Sante

It was my partner in the previous company that led me to Sante International. The company that produces the world’s best barley juice! Yes! It is barley! When I discovered the benefits of barley, I was amazed on how drinking this juice is the answer to all my aches and pains in my body! My immune system was really weak those times. After days of religiously drinking it, I couldn’t get enough of it. I felt stronger each day and had more energy to multi task and do more! I didn’t need to do hospitals visits anymore. Indeed a SUPERFOOD! Not only that this product amazed me but as well as the company’s mission and vison, values, compensation plan, the generosity and humility of our CEO and the board of directors.

Aside from the benefits of the products, I was able to earn 6 figure residual income that I wasn’t able to earn from being an employee. I finally had the chance to help my mom get her house. I’m able to support her in all her needs since she couldn’t get back to work anymore. My husband also tried to help me for my mom’s house improvements. I really thank God for his undying love for me that despite everything I did wrong He has blessed me beyond what I deserved. Thank you so much Lord.

Blessings Beyond Compare

God has blessed me thru Sante International with all my partners around the world. Our team has expanded globally and we are still looking for partners to be blessed and also be blessings to others as well. If you have the same dreams and goals as mine and also wanted to help people live better lives then the time is NOW. You can be part of our fast growing family and together we LIVE MORE AND DO MORE! Come and join me!