Who are the people that are part of the Santé Business Owner Highlights?

  1. Ederlyn Panopio: Overcoming Poverty
  2. Joel Luyong:  From Rags to Riches
  3. Intel Manalili: An Ex-OFW Story
  4. Jobiegale and Stephanie Aquino: Previous Van Rental Owners
  5. Ryan Charles: Santé Elite UAE

Successful people persevere amidst challenges; that’s why even though many of them have gone through trials in their life, they have persevered towards their goal. Whether it’s to provide your family with a better life, find an alternative option to your current career, or experience fulfillment in life—a business can help you find the freedom to live more and do more. To inspire you, here are some of the Santé Business Owner Highlights. Keep on reading!

Ederlyn Panopio: Overcoming Poverty

Not all successful business owners start when they’re already rich. Some people, like Ederlyn Panopio, had to earn money in dreams of having their family members live under the same roof. This is how she started her Santé Business journey.

Because of the death of their father, who was a fishball vendor, Ederlyn and her family had to live separately with their relatives. She was able to finish her college education and find a decent job, but the limited amount of income was not enough to make her dream come true.

That was until a friend referred her to Santé. She juggled her job and her business daily. It was a rough start but she was able to reach Executive Director level after a year and is now a part of Santé Elite, Philippines. Beyond the Philippines, her network reached countries such as Hong KongSingaporeSouth KoreaUAE, and more.

Joel Luyong: From Rags to Riches

Joel Luyong From Rags to Riches

Joel Luyong is one of the most successful Santé Business Owners. He has spoken in Santé events, conferences, and training sessions with countless attendees. But he started from doing odd jobs to make a living for himself.

Before Joel became a Santé business owner, he had to have numerous jobs such as selling fish in the market just to support his family. He thought that his life didn’t have direction.

But with effort, grit, willpower, focus, and determination, he did his best to learn about business with Santé. He became a consistent top-earner for years and became a Hall of Famer last 2016. He and his wife had the opportunity to buy multiple cars and travel all around the world on top of securing their family’s future.

Intel Manalili: An Ex-OFW Story

The pandemic has affected the livelihoods of countless Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. This is what happened to Michelle, an overseas Filipino worker for 10 years based in Singapore. She is a single mom that is supporting her mother and her child. But due to the COVID-19 situation, she had to go home.

Because of the expenses, she had no choice but to work for a call center, become a fast food crew, and then sell products online. But these didn’t work for her so she had to find other means to support her family.

This is until her mother’s friend introduced her to Santé. She tried it while working at home and found that it helped her reach her personal goals. Now, she is earning enough without having to look for work far away from her family.

Jobiegale and Stephanie Aquino: Previous Van Rental Owners

Jobiegale and Stephanie Aquino Previous Van Rental Owners

Numerous companies have shut down during the COVID-19 lockdown. Tony and Janice Cruz, a couple who own a rental van business, had to stop their operations. But they still had to pay for the vans, rent, and bills.

That’s why it is a good thing that they encountered Santé. Janice started her business journey and Tony followed. After a few months, they were able to pay for all bills while also having extra funds to help their van drivers.

As an OFW Couple based in Qatar, they were able to have a stable income even during the lockdown and the pandemic.

Ryan Charles: Santé Elite UAE

Ryan Charles is a third-generation member of his family that has been engaged in the textile business. This way, he was able to use his knowledge and experience in his role as a Santé Global Leader and a member of the Santé Elite UAE.

Because of his motivation to learn new things, hunger for growth, and genuine heart to help other people, he has succeeded during his first year with Santé. He had the opportunity to travel internationally and achieve the car incentive.

But other than that, he was also able to live more with Santé products. From having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, he now has normal blood work results. Now he continues to motivate other people to live more and do more.

Key Takeaway

From better health, better livelihood, and a better life—Santé has continued to stay true to their promise of transforming people’s lives. These Santé Business Owner highlights are only but a few stories showing how different types of Filipinos from different walks of life have found success with Santé.

If you’re interested to live more and do more with Santé, you can send a message here at the website!